“This book was as imaginative at its title and cover indicate. One of the aspects of science fiction I love is how deep ideas can be explored in fun and interesting ways — this book is a fine example of that literary trait. A recommended sci-fi title.”

- J.D. Dehart


“Jason Michael Primrose is a new author that I was asked to read. I found his book different but enjoyable.

While reading this you are taken on a journey forward in time - 2052 A.D. You join Allister Adams, a young superhuman, who is searching for Zosma Caster, a missing intergalactic refugee. You follow his journey - with action-packed sword fights - battles with Aliens - and so much more!!! I don't write spoilers - so I will stop there and say you really just need to read this for yourself!!!

This is a really good book - and proved to be an enjoyable read!!!”

- Sue Brooks


“An original and deftly crafted work of science fiction that is a simply riveting read from first page to last, "Zosma" by Jason Michael Primrose will prove to be an extraordinary and memorable addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections in general, and the personal reading lists of dedicated action/adventure science fiction fans in particular.”

- Midwest Book Review