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I’m overwhelmed with the support from the sci-fi and fantasy communities.

My friends, family, and colleagues have done everything in their power to help bring Zosma to life, and I’m so excited to share this passion project with the world.

I’ll be adding all of the great interviews, reviews, and my favorite excerpts below!

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Bookalicious Babes - REVIEW

While reading this you are taken on a journey forward in time - 2052 A.D. You join Allister Adams, a young superhuman, who is searching for Zosma Caster, a missing intergalactic refugee. You follow his journey - with action-packed sword fights - battles with Aliens - and so much more!!! I don't write spoilers - so I will stop there and say you really just need to read this for yourself!!!


The Crafty Cauldron - EXCERPT

The Astral Plane’s eternal highway stretched around and through the universe, and on its pulsing energy tarmac, thoughts going faster than the suggested speed limit of light, zipped to destinations in the waiting minds of the cosmos.

And this is where Florence came, sensing a disturbance that transcended the physical realm. To wage war against a perverse disruption to the purity of free thought, a fog settling onto lanes, causing traffic, accidents, havoc…

Andi’s Young Adult Books - EXCERPT

Welcome to the book tour for Zosma by Jason Michael Primrose. This is the first book in the Lost Children of Andromeda series. I'm sharing an exclusive excerpt with you today, to check out before you download your own copy from your favorite retailer.

“He heel-kicked the window’s edge. It splintered. In the same fashion, he kicked it once more. Fractures wove a web on its surface, and the glass shattered. 
A true gentleman, he let the sand enter first then lowered his head to peer in. Empty. Hesitation harnessed around his waist, he hovered at the edge as the hourglass in his mind ran out of sand. He had to keep moving.”

Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters - INTERVIEW

Welcome to another stop on the book tour for Zosma by Jason Michael Primrose. Today you have the opportunity to get to know him a little bit better…

Which character was your favorite to write? Florence was my favorite character to write. I love her because she’s the strongest women in my life all wrapped into one beautiful, badass character. She rejected her place in high-society to pursue a different lifestyle and ended up in working deeply behind the scenes in politics. She’s one of the wealthiest people in the world but has these powers that no one knows about…


Review Fix chats with Zosma author Jason Michael Primrose, who details the creation process behind the book and why the tale is an important one.

Why does Sci-Fi still matter?  We as a society are facing needs that can’t be met with our current social systems. The need for freedom of thought, for individuality that encourages collaboration and acceptance, for drastic change in the way we live, function, and consume. I think science fiction, especially now, is essential to making this heavy rhetoric palatable through imagination and inclusion.

Zosma Caster

Promo Book Tours - INTERVIEW

When did you decide to become a writer?

I believe I was born a storyteller. I always used to make up stories, but there was this distinct moment in grade school when writing took hold of my spirit and wouldn’t let go. We used to have this cool thing where you could draw pictures on paper and type the stories up on a computer. They’d print and bind the books for you. I “published” about five, all of which I still have. (Thanks mom!) The most promising I guess was Dragon Wars, a 15-page illustrated short story. It grew up into the Lost Children universe..

Captain Jared Brandt

In Our Spare Time - Author Guest Blog Post

Functions of Life: Perspective and Resilience

Zosma Caster, the alien refugee who’s been kidnapped in my novel Zosma, casually says to one of the antagonists, “You can change your truth if you change your perspective.” I purposefully brought Zosma in and out of access to her deepest thoughts, and at times you don’t know if she’s speaking as herself or as a being influenced by something that’s infiltrated her psyche. I found irony in her ability to challenge the other character to look at things differently, while she herself was unable to do so. It was a limitation that left her vulnerable.

When you speak, are you speaking as yourself? Or are you speaking as someone that’s been influenced to the core of their psyche?