Allister Adams Character Illustration WIP

At the end of 2016, I found this amazing artist named Stephen, and he really shared my vision for the Lost Children of Andromeda. I consider him more of a partner. We have a great system/process for developing and drawing out the characters. His artwork literally BLOWS my mind. 

We start with three pose options for each character.


I chose number 2. You'll understand why when you read about how his powers work...or don't. Then we imagined this entirely new costume which you can see in the center. I like his more chill vibe ninja-style clothing β€” but this is really a nod to what he'll be wearing in future stories and his original Andromeda Project uniform.

When he brought out the colors and the background I was like WHOA!!! I geeked out because he looks dope! This is an expanded graphic the artist created for his portfolio website. He took some of the best images and built on their surroundings. He’s really pushed my imagination and made me want to write as well as he draws.

gal 12 copy.jpg
Michelle Blioux