Meet Jason Michael Primrose


Since a young age, Jason Michael Primrose has had an obsession with creating alternate worlds, realities, and characters in his free time. Out of this, the Lost Children of Andromeda universe was born. ZOSMA is the series’ first story, and takes Primrose’s observation and understanding of society’s intricacies and explores how the current crisis of our socioeconomic and political landscape has put us on an accelerated path towards extinction. This could be humanity’s last generation. 

For nearly ten years, Jason Michael Primrose has used his creative abilities to impact the Entertainment, Fashion, and Tech industries. Although not exactly prose, using the power of storytelling for consumer products in the aforementioned fields, has blossomed into a wealth of experience in brand strategy, creative direction, retail merchandising, and influencer/celebrity partnerships. Currently, he's working on completing the next six novels in the Lost Children of Andromeda series. 

You can also find him on Instagram @TheCagedCreative