There is no truth, There is only perception
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An alien refugee.

An infinite energy.

An approaching apocalypse.

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You're not Lost if you're here.

Join us and save humanity

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Bringing this Story to Life

It began with questions

Since a young age, I've been obsessed with the exploration of society’s intricacies. How long have we lived in a world that has told us who to be, how to act, how to feel, what milestones we need to achieve and by when? A world that tells us what our purpose is  and where we belong, without giving us the freedom to explore those essential life choices for ourselves.

Do we know who we truly are? Are we even trying to figure it out?

Now on the flip side - how many of us are constantly judging others by our merits, imposing our thoughts/desires/opinions on their existence. I believe it’s this lack of understanding between people that is driving a wedge in our society.

The journey to self-discovery is lifelong and we are all on it. To start down the path I had to climb out of the box society told me to build around myself. Freed from my mental constraints and the dream of the world, I found the story for ZOSMA, which will begin the Lost Children of Andromeda series. In my writing, I endeavored to capture that journey through the eyes of human, superhuman and alien characters living in a world on the verge - Energy sources are depleted. Technological advancement has been resisted and therefore has stalled. Natural disasters have left a line in the sand between poverty and wealth that can never be crossed again. The strong don’t survive anymore, just the rich, the cunning and the selfish. The Lost Children of Andromeda is a series that explores a diverse cast, their habits, their motivations, their desire to preserve β€” themselves and those like them.

I think I have your attention, this feels a little real right? Well in 2052, this is Allister Adams’ reality.


And ended with the creation of a Universe